Royal Canin Mini Adult Dog Dry Food


Royal Canin Mini Adult Dog Dry Food

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The teeth of small dogs grow closer together than those of large dogs, making it easier to accumulate bacteria and food residues, creating a coating on the surface of the teeth from which tartar can develop. Small dogs also have a weaker lower jaw that, should parodontitis occur, risks being damaged.

Changing food may also disrupt the sensitive digestive system of small dogs and can cause soft stools and/or flatulence. Only highly-digestible food should be offered with selected ingredients.

Small dogs can have skin that is responsive. This is partially due to the immune system overreacting to allergens and pollen. The barrier and defense functions of the skin can be improved by the right diet.

Key Features:

Vitality support
Satisfies fussy eaters
Maintains ideal weight
Reduces tartar formation
For small breed dogs (adult weight up to 10 kg) over 8 years old

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