Oxbow Enriched Life Loco Ball For Small Animals


Oxbow Enriched Life Loco Ball For Small Animals


Just like the right nutrition, daily opportunities for enrichment are essential to the health and happiness of these species. Enriching your pet’s daily life starts with supporting natural instincts such as exploring, playing, hiding, and chewing. Designed to support the instinctual behaviours of small pets, Oxbow’s Enriched Life contains a wide range of pet safe materials to help pet parents keep enrichment fun and stimulating.

Key Features:

Innovatively designed to meet key instinctual needs of small pets
To encourage mental & physical enrichment
Available in a wide assortment for fun & stimulating play
Made with safe, natural materials that include untreated wood, hay, apple sticks, sisal & vegetable-based dyes, natural fibres

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300g, 1.8kg, 5.7kg


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