Artero X-Mint Dental Spray For Cats & Dogs 14ml


Artero X-Mint Dental Spray For Cats & Dogs 14ml

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Eliminate bad breath from your pet.

Maintains oral hygiene.
Nice flavour.
Easy to apply with diffuser spray.
Protects the enamel.
Spray presentation.
Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages including puppies
Delays the formation of tartar or the creation of plaque.
Instantly eliminates bad breath in an effective and lasting way.

Contains natural ingredients.
Featured Ingredients: Mint and Aloe Vera.

How to use?
Press between 1 and 5 times directly inside the pet’s mouth, as needed. The process can be repeated in the same day, as many times as necessary.

How to remove bad breath in dogs or cats?
It is much easier than you think and it is a habit to clean teeth that every dog or cat owner must have.

To eliminate bad breath effectively and quickly, apply Artero X-Mint mouth spray directly to the pet’s mouth, from the first moment of use you will be able to check the effectiveness of the product.

Benefits of pet oral care
Brushing is often overlooked and is very important, as it will help prevent plaque or tartar, gum infections, or tooth decay in both cats and dogs.

Begin oral hygiene when it is still a puppy so that they get used to it. Below the description you will find the “related products” for good mouth health for your pet.

Artero’s teeth cleaning thimbles are also ideal for controlling plaque and bad breath. They are very comfortable to use and you can perfectly reach any corner and each of the teeth in the dog’s mouth.


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