Artero Protected Teeth Slicker Brush For Dogs 10.5cm


Artero Protected Teeth Slicker Brush For Dogs 10.5cm

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The protected teeth makes this slicker brush ideal for sensitive skins, or beginners in the grooming world.


Stainless steel pins with soft protected teeth. Ergonomically curved to help the movement by hand.

Articulated movement.

Softness Level : Soft

Pick type: Flexible and protected with a ball finish.

Smoothes hair, detangles, flats and removes foreign bodies.

How to use:

Gently glide the slicker through the affected areas to remove matts.
In a “Tap -and-Pull” motion.

Why is it recommended for sensitive skin?
This model of card for dogs with the ends of the spikes finished in a ball prevents the skin from being irritated, even if the pressure exerted is more than correct. Sometimes, either due to fatigue, lack of awareness or ignorance, it is tightened more than necessary in the brushing process. With these balls you will prevent the skin from being affected by it.

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250ml, 5L


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