Artero Nature Collection Rake Large 20 Teeth For Cats & Dogs


Artero Nature Collection Rake Large 20 Teeth For Cats & Dogs

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This Artero rake is perfect for dragging the change from the coat, with very firm spikes. It is made of top quality materials

Artero’s Nature Collection L rake helps eliminate shedding from dogs. Among other features, it has the following:

– It is made with top quality materials, such as T-shaped bamboo on the handle and chromed metal, which together provide great durability and resistance.
– Serves as an auxiliary for coats with a lot of hair and large accumulations of shedding.
– It has an excellent fixation of the spikes to the head, ideal for removing hard and difficult fur.
– It comes presented in a recyclable cardboard packaging.
– It has a riveted head that provides greater robustness.

How to use :

Step 1: Prepare the dog or cat for grooming. To ensure that the dog is comfortable with the presence of a rake, start by getting the dog used to it. You should caress his face or neck with him.
Step 2: Brush with the rake. While your dog or cat may not like the feeling of having their undercoat scratched, it is important that this tool be used. It should be done in a way that makes you tolerate the sensation better. Start by slowly running the grooming tool through small sections of the fur and gradually work your way up to larger areas as you become more comfortable with the experience.
Step 3: Eliminate tangles. If knots form in the dog’s coat after using the rake, it is better to remove them.
Step 4: Keep the dog comfortable. It has to be prevented from getting fidgety during the process of using this rake on your coat. Raising it to a high surface always helps control but it must be educated so that it does not jump.

Rake is recommended for cats and dogs to obtain the following benefits:

– Helps prevent the formation of knots: if the dog or cat has thick fur or long hair, it is more likely to develop knots in its fur. Unfortunately, a regular brush isn’t always enough to remove these tangles, and razors are the perfect tool to keep them at bay.
– Allows for easier brushing: Sometimes dogs or cats try to get away during grooming sessions, but a rake will definitely come in handy. By quickly removing excess hair with minimal effort, this dog rake can make it much easier to keep your puppy’s or feline’s coat clean and loose.

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