Artero Nature Collection Mini Eye Comb For Cats & Dogs


Artero Nature Collection Mini Eye Comb For Cats & Dogs

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Artero Mini eyes comb . Use to opens the coat, untangles, removes residues in very sensitive areas such as the eyes.


– The total length of the comb is 15 cm.
– The length of the spikes is 22 mm.
– Chrome finish that allows the hair to slide naturally between the spikes.
– Rounded and ergonomic handle for better handling and greater comfort.

How to use :

This comb for cats and dogs use for the eyes, moustache or beard area.

– Move it carefully from root to tip of the specific areas that are needed.
– If a lot of dirt or residue accumulates, it is best to remove it with a napkin or cloth.
– Use this comb for dogs in the direction of hair growth, never in the opposite direction, so as not to damage the dog.
– Once the hairstyle is finished, remove the hairs and particles that may remain between the spikes.

Composition :
This comb for dogs and cats from the Nature Collection line is made with natural and ecological materials and an artificial chrome finish. Its materials are light, which is why it provides the product with high functionality and versatile handling. Its materials are Chrome finishes.

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250ml, 5L


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