AFP Classic Comfort Fish Wand Catnip Toy


AFP Classic Comfort Fish Wand Catnip Toy

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A two-in-one combination of the favorite objects of your cat-fish and feather-on a short rod designed for easy storage.

This cat toy has all that is expected of your little buddy. A fluffy plush toy FISH WITH Fluffy FEATHERS, the innate hunting and playing instinct of your pet, is tied to The Angel with a long cord of your choosing. This sweet & adorable cushion, the fish catch and finally the erbeuten is love. Thanks to the robust wooden stick, fishing for the strongest House Cats is held. For your Velvet paw to add the catnip inside, a very special highlight during the hunting. So, no one gets House Cats

Classic look
Catnip inside
Promotes exercise

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Brown, White


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