Acana Classics Indoor Entree Cat Dry Food


Acana Classics Indoor Entree Cat Dry Food

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Meat is still the #1 ingredient. ACANA’s latest Indoor Entry recipe is full of free-run chicken and turkey, and tender, tasty rabbit, all in WholePrey beef, organ, cartilage, and bone ratios that feed your cat fully and provide nutrients naturally. ACANA Indoor Entrée has the nutrition that your indoor cat wants with the flavor that they would enjoy.


Hairball Control
Weight Management
Healthy Skin & Coat
Craveable Taste


Fresh chicken meat (16%), dehydrated chicken meat (16%), dehydrated herring (16%), whole oats, whole peas, chicken fat (5%), ground miscanthus grass, whole green lentils, fresh turkey meat (4%), raw whole herring (4%), whole chickpeas, whole red lentils, lentil fiber, raw whole rabbit (1%), fresh chicken giblets (liver, heart) (1%), fresh turkey giblets (liver, heart) (1%), chicken cartilage (1%), dried kelp, fresh whole butternut squash, fresh whole pumpkin, fresh whole cranberry, fresh whole blueberry. ADDITIVES (per kg) Technological additives: With natural anti-oxidants.

Nutritional additives: Choline Chloride: 1200mg, Taurine: 400 mg, Zinc (Zinc chelate of amino acid hydrate): 150 mg, Vitamin B1: 25 mg, Vitamin B2: 10 mg, Niacin: 50 mg, Vitamin B5: 8 mg, Vitamin B6: 7.5mg, Folic acid: 0.75 mg, Biotin: 0.03 mg, Vitamin B12: 0.1 mg, Vitamin A: 1875 IU, Vitamin D: 250 IU, Vitamin E: 175 IU, Copper (Copper (II) chelate of amino acid hydrate): 11 mg, L-carnitine: 50 mg, DL-methionine: 99 mg. Zootechnical additives: Enterococcus faecium NCIMB10415: 600×10^6CFU.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein37 %
Fat content14 %
Crude fibre6 %
Crude ash9 %
Moisture10 %
Calcium1.4 %
Phosphorus1 %
Magnesium0.1 %
Taurine0.1 %
Omega-62 %
Omega-30.5 %
DHA0.2 %
EPA0.1 %
Calorie Content: 3630 kcal/kg (414 kcal per 250ml/114g cup)

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340g, 1.8kg, 4.5kg


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