5 FOR $10: Bow Wow Beef Jerky Cat Treat 20g


5 FOR $10: Bow Wow Beef Jerky Cat Treat 20g

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Made with fresh beef, the cat’s favorite, as the main ingredient, and softly made with “Bow Wow”‘s original recipe.
By adding various kinds of fiber, it helps to remove cat hairballs.
Various functional additives such as taurine and minerals have been formulated for the health of cats.

Daily recommended amount

Depending on the type of cat, age, health, exercise amount, season, etc., feed 3 to 4 per day.


Pork tenderloin, beef, grain starch (alpha corn), sugar, wheat gluten, sorbitol, glycerin, soy protein, tuna extract, refined salt, acidity regulator, fumaric acid, methionine, taurine, powdered fiber, levanfiber powder (fiber), vitamin minerals mix (vitamin a, iron), potassium sorbate, sodium propionate

crude protein: 20.0%
crude fat: 2.8%
calcium: 0.03%
phosphorus: 0.3%
crude flour: 6.0%
crude fiber: 2.0%
moisture: 30.0%


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